Quick 1 Minute how-to apply a decal Video

This shows you the quick concept of how to apply a basic vinyl decal.

A die-cut vinyl decal is made up of three layers. Top(transfer tape), Middle ( the decal), and bottom (backing paper) The purpose of the transfer tape is to do just that. It hold the different vinyl pieces that make up the design in place while you remove it from the backing to transfer where you would like to apply the decal. The method shown in the video is the quick and easy dry application method. When applying larger or more complex decals, you may want to use the wet method which is basically the same concept, except you would use an application fluid to help with placement.

Slowly peel back the transfer tape with decal attached to it. Sometimes the decal will not release from the bottom layer. If this happens, lay both layers back down and squeegee all three layers to try and get it to stick to the application tape. After top and decal have released from the backing paper you would place both layers to the surface you would like to apply it too. Using a squeegee or some other firm straight edge, swipe firmly from the center to the edge to push the air out from under the decal. Next start at one corner and slowly peel back at a 180 degree angle(flat against itself) leaving the decal in place.